More details about LV23
New parameters on OnionMail 1.10.X
AutoLocalFriends true
Add to friends list the new servers found into the OnionMail's network.
SecondaryOnion  ...
Add a secondary / primary hidden service address to a legacy server.
LegacyOnionMode ...
Set the legacy policy:

  • legacy:
    A legacy server that check all hidden services V2 connection, verify and sign all server's connection into the LV23 portfolio.

  • updated:
    A legacy server that use two hidden services without V2 connections.

  • compatible:
    The default behavoiur of a new server with hidden service V3. It verify the links between hidden services V2 and V3 by the signatures of the server's portfolio.

  • ignore:
    Ignore all hidden services V2, use only hidden services V3.
How it woks
  • First step:
    All servers V2 and V3 set some data into the manifest.
    All servers V2 and V3 check the connection between the hidden service versions and sign all into the server's portfolio.

  • Second step:
    All servers use only the V3 address. When ad address V2 is used, the server can resolve the V3 address and use it.
    The V2 to V3 link (named LV23) is tested by portfolio and server's manifest and server's public key.

OnionMail uses an archaic blockchain based on the InterNos network (OnionMail's IAM protocol).
A protocol named "Network Noise" check all servers, connections, integrity and other stuff.

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